Hardware Fasteners

We hold a huge range of Hardware Fasteners. The portfolio includes Nuts, Setscrews, Flat Washers, Repair Washers, Coach Bolts & much more. All of our Hardware is packed in managable quantities & are made from only the finest materials.

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  • Coach Bolts & Nuts

    Coach Bolts & Nuts

    Starting at: £8.15

  • Flat Washers

    Flat Washers

    Starting at: £9.20


    Hardware Fasteners Package Deal- Nuts, Bolts, Washers & Storage Bins

  • HBU820

    HBU820 M8 x 20mm Button Head Socket Screws 100 Pack

  • Metric All Thread Studding

    Metric All Thread Studding

    Starting at: £8.15

  • Metric Nylon Lock Nuts

    Metric Nylon Lock Nuts

    Starting at: £7.45

  • Metric Setscrews

    Metric Setscrews

    Starting at: £6.10

  • Machine Screws

    Pan Head Slotted Metric Machine Screws

    Starting at: £8.00

  • Plain Steel Nuts

    Plain Steel Nuts

    Starting at: £5.10

  • Repair Washers

    Repair Washers

    Starting at: £6.10

  • Self Tapping Screws

    Self Tapping Screws- Pan Head Pozi

    Starting at: £4.50

  • Serrated Steel Flanged Nuts

    Serrated Steel Flanged Nuts

    Starting at: £10.20

  • Sheet Metal Scews (Acme Bolts)

    Sheet Metal Scews (Acme Bolts)

    Starting at: £7.20

  • Spring Washers

    Spring Washers

    Starting at: £5.10

  • Stainless Steel Metric Nylon Nuts

    Stainless Steel Metric Nylon Nuts

    Starting at: £8.15

  • Stainless Steel Plain Nuts

    Stainless Steel Plain Nuts

    Starting at: £10.20

16 Item(s)

per page

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