Whether its Self-Tappers, Acme Screws or Self Drilling Screws then these handy Assortment Boxes contain them. Covering a large range of sizes these boxes should have the screw to do the job. Suitable for both the professional or the D.I.Y'er.

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  • AB1

    AB1 Self-Tapping Screws Pan Head - Slotted (Small Sizes-700 Pieces)

  • AB131

    AB131 Self-Tappers Black Pan Head Pozi (700 Pieces)

  • AB132

    AB132 Sheet Metal (Acme) Screws With Captive Washers (300 Pieces)

  • AB138

    AB138 Self-Drilling Screws Hex Head (400 Pieces)

  • AB2

    AB2 Small Self-Tappers Pan Head Pozi (700 Pieces)

  • AB506

    AB506 Self-Tapping Screws Black Flanged Head Pozi (1250 Pieces)

  • AB507

    AB507 Pan Head Pozi Drive Self-Tapping Screws (1150 Pieces)

  • AB71

    AB71 Self-Tapping Screws Black Flanged Pozi (700 Pieces)

  • AB94

    AB94 Self-Tapping Screws Pan Head Pozi Large (300 Pieces)


9 Item(s)

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Set Descending Direction