Tyre Repair Chemicals

Our Tyre Repair Chemicals range is extensive. We supply only the finest quality Tyre Repair Chemicals that are priced so they offer the best value for money. Our Tyre Repair Chemicals are sourced from only the best manufacturers so that you can be assured that its of a guaranteed quality.

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  • CP029

    CP029 Tyre Puncture Repair Spray

  • EBD1

    EBD1 5Kg Water Based Tyre Bead Paste

  • EBD2

    EBD2 5Kg Wax Based Tyre Bead Paste

  • EBD3

    EBD3 5Kg Orange Wheel Sealant

  • EBD5

    EBD5 5Kg Black Tyre Mounting Paste

  • ETC1

    ETC1 235ml Blue Tyre Cement Vulcaniser

  • ETC10

    ETC10 5Ltr Tyre Bead Lubricant Fluid

  • ETC2

    ETC2 235ml Inner Tyre Liner Sealant

  • ETC3

    ETC3 235ml Clear Tyre Vulcanising Solution

    Regular Price: £4.10

    Special Price: £2.50

  • ETC4

    ETC4 1Ltr Liquid Tyre Buffer Solution

  • ETC5

    ETC5 400ml Aerosol Tyre Buffer Solution

  • ETC6

    ETC6 945ml Black Tyre Bead Sealant

  • ETC7

    ETC7 500ml Tyre Leak Detector


13 Item(s)

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